Amy and Marilyn Updated

SRSD in 2022

Options for classes:

VIRTUAL class: Tuesday, December 20th AND Tuesday, January 3rd. 8:30-4:00

IN PERSON class: Saturday, February 25th and March 4th from 8:30-4:00.

Self-Regulated Strategy Development in Literacy

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

SRSD is a complex and deeply evidence-based approach to teaching writing. It is based on Karen Harris and Steve Graham’s meta-analysis of evidence based practices with the highest effect size. Research on SRSD done in empirical studies, as well as from schools partnering with thinkSRSD, show the significant transformation this approach makes possible when teachers adopted deeply structured approaches to teaching writing. While there are many elements to SRSD, key characteristics are often already familiar to teachers. Eight routines will be explicitly taught and practiced during this 2-day class, and teachers will be able to walk out ready to implement on Day 1.

Email Amy Thomas at for registration information, or click on the logo above to register.

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