Application Process

Follow these three steps to apply to Vertical Skills Academy
Thank you for your interest in applying to VSA! Our 3-step admissions process is designed to make this step as easy as possible for you.
Step 1: Application
  • Review Admissions FAQ Sheet
  • Contact our Admissions Director, Alex Griffen (, to schedule and attend a tour of the school. This step must be completed prior to submitting a formal application.
  • Pay non-refundable $120 Application Processing fee to fill out application
    • Fee includes screening testing of student, and one full day of childcare on Shadow Day
  • Schedule and attend a Shadow Day and Testing Time for the student. This can be scheduled on the day of your tour. Testing must be scheduled an hour before or an hour after the Shadow Day.
  • Submit a formal application, available in PDF formĀ here or by request from our Admissions Director (
  • Submit all necessary forms and documents (preferably with the application)
    • Most Recent Report Card
    • Progress Reports
    • Current Professional Diagnostic Evaluations (Educational, Psychological, Speech, Occupational, IEP or 504)
Step 2: Review by VSA
  • Admissions Committee Reviews Application
  • Decision Letter is sent to applicant through email
  • Tuition Agreement is sent to applicant through email
Step 3: Complete Enrollment
  • Select payment option/apply for financial aid
  • Complete Tuition Agreement and submit $750 Registration Deposit
    • Registration Deposit is nonrefundable if student does not end up at VSA, and goes toward tuition if student remains at VSA
  • Upload additional documentation to complete acceptance and enrollment
    • Birth Certificate
    • Current immunization record
    • Records release sent to old school/fles requested
    • Additional Forms:
      • Field Trip Permission Form
      • Acceptable Use Agreement
      • Medication Authorization (if needed)
      • Code of Conduct Agreement
      • Parent Volunteer Form
      • Insurance and doctor information
      • Carpool contacts