VSA Admissions Quick Facts


Rolling Admissions

Applying to VSA is an important step in helping your child achieve academic success. Discover the difference VSA can make today. With rolling admissions, it’s never too early or too late to apply. 


Specialized Staff

All staff members are certified in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Our staff is comprised of licensed teachers, career dyslexia interventionists and those with Master’s degrees in Literacy and Special Education.

Diagnostic and prescriptive intervention from highly trained and experienced interventionists ensures students grow as fast as they can, but as slow as they must.  


Financial Aid

Tuition assistance and financial aid is available to eligible families. If you believe you may qualify for financial aid, we will guide you through the process during the application process. 

 Contact our Admissions Team  303-562-1900 or enrollment@verticalskillsacademy.org