Space Upgrades

Envision a new home with larger classrooms and a playground.


Make specialized learning available to deserving students in our community.


Enhance our learning environment with advanced classroom technology.


Support new curriculum and hands-on experiences for our students.

Make a secure online donation and support the vision of Vertical Skills Academy to provide a specialized learning environment- we need a new place to call home with larger classrooms and an outside area to play–  where your child’s strengths, needs, and interests guide their individualized learning plans that foster literacy and academic growth.

Vertical Skills Academy is an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax deductible. Tax deduction letters will be sent upon receipt of a donation.

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To make a donation by check, please make your check payable to:

Vertical Skills Academy
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Evergreen, CO 80439

For Restricted Donations

Please contact:

Audra Chapleski
Head of School
(303) 562-1900

The Story of Vertical Skills Academy

Vertical Skills Academy (VSA) is a K-8 school in Evergreen, Colorado that was founded in 2014 by Kara Osberg, a parent of 2 dyslexic children and Dyslexia Specialist, and Audra Chapleski, highly trained STEM educator and Principal, to meet the unique academic needs of bright, dyslexic students that often go unmet in traditional schools. Audra and Kara bootstrapped their vision and began the first year with 8 students in grades 2-6.  After a successful first year, and with the help of dedicated VSA families and staff, 25 students are currently enrolled.

With classes of 4-6 students, Vertical Skills Academy provides a literacy immersion program where students are taught through multi-sensory approaches in all subject areas; they are closely monitored for academic achievement specific to their learning disability (resulting in unprecedented academic, social and emotional growth). Another component of the VSA program involves developing strong communication skills including self-advocacy.

A student’s day at VSA is filled with individualized sessions in math, language arts and writing complemented by rotations in reading, science, typing and art. Every Friday, the students apply and extend what they have learned that week by taking a field trip to a local venue.

All teachers are highly trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. This multi-sensory approach has been around since the 1930’s and stands as the most successful instruction for all students.



Without Orton-Gillingham based intervention, Dyslexia can severely delay or inhibit reading, writing, spelling, math and oral language development. Dyslexia is the most prevalent, studied and neurologically understood learning disability. NIH research confirms that 85% of all reading-delayed children globally are Dyslexic, most undiagnosed. Statistics tell us that between 15-25% of all children have some severity of dyslexia. Despite the severe impact it has on literacy rates, it continues to be ineffectively managed within most public school systems.

Kara and Audra and their small group of gifted teachers are acutely focused on maintaining the integrity of the school’s mission to provide a specialized educational learning environment where students’ strengths, needs, and interests guide individualized learning plans that foster academic and social success.

They are all thrilled with the school’s growth, but also are acutely focused on continuing to strengthen and expand VSA’s programming and facilities for existing students.